Shelley Guimond Counselling

Samantha* was struggling with depression.

When she came to see me she said that she was crying frequently, and having trouble motivating herself to do much of anything. She was feeling that she was neglecting her teenage sons because she would often just hide out in her room in an effort to both shield them from her pain and because she felt most comfortable in the confines of her room. Learn how Samantha turned her life around … read more on depression

 Paul* came to me saying that she was feeling anxious much of the time.

He said that there were times when it would be overwhelming. He would suddenly notice a sick feeling in he stomach, he heart would begin to race, he would notice this sense of impending doom and feel panicky that he might freak out or faint in public. He said when this happened he would just freeze for a moment and then rush out of wherever he happened to be … read more on anxiety

counselling helps manage feelings of overwhelmKate* came to me expressing that she was just feeling overwhelmed by everything.

She was working full time and had 3 children. She felt that she was so busy that she had no time to breath. She said she found herself having no patience with her children. She said she would raise her voice with them frequently and then end up feeling really guilty that she was not able to manage her emotions better. … read more on overwhelm

Tina* had been sexually abused as a child but until she was in her 30’s she felt that it did not have an impact on her.

At 32 she moved away from her hometown to live in Vancouver. Suddenly she found that whenever she was intimate with her boyfriend, she would begin to cry for no apparent reason. Gradually she found that she began crying for no reason at various points throughout the day on some days. She also found that she would have period of intense anxiety mixed with sadness and she would try to self-sooth herself by smoking and having a drink … read more on sexual abuse survivors

Eight year old Rory* came to see me because his parents were concerned about reports they were getting from the school that he was acting aggressively towards other children.

They also noticed that he tended to hold things in and then blow up at the smallest provocation. They were concerned as well because became quite clingy at night and sometimes wet the bed. Through the use of therapeutic games, stories, and art therapy … read more about behaviour problems in children


* Please note: All names have been changed to protect privacy.