Shelley Guimond, MA, RCC

I began my counselling training in my late 20s with great enthusiasm and excitement. What I had learned about myself by that point was that I loved working with people in a meaningful way. I was never satisfied with small talk, I wanted to get to the “what excites you?”, “are you happy with your work?”, questions pretty much immediately. My technical side was thrilled to work through problems with people and my creative side was always keen to have it’s say as well. I had also concluded that personal growth was a must for me and therefore perhaps for everyone. These qualities led me quite happily through a BA in Humanities and Psychoanalytic thought. From there I studied Art Therapy and went on to get my MA in Clinical Counselling Psychology.

I have had a “colourful” life shall we say. There is nothing like a challenging childhood to cause one to want to focus on what really matters, to be real and authentic with oneself and others and to be able to empathize with the pain of others and want to be of help. I have always felt that we are all in this together and we need to help each other out. Nothing else matters really. Oh, and of course we need to have lots of fun in the process. Fun and self-care predominate my life. When the work-recreational time balance gets off-kilter for me, my body and mood yell at me to get back on track.  Fun for me comes mostly through the arts–movies, music, dance, theatre. Being in nature is a necessity for me. And nothing makes me happier than having a good meal with a friend(s).

As an adult, life has taught me that things don’t necessarily work out the way you had planned. We have a tendency to believe that divorce only happens to other people. When I turned out to be one of those other people, it took a great deal of inner and external resources to pull me through. I drew strength from my friends and daughter. I love being a mother. I know my daughter feels loved and if i do nothing else for her, I feel my most important job was accomplished.

After practicing counselling in Vancouver, BC for many years I am now back home in Toronto.  Living in another province has taught me many things and I can certainly relate to the gifts and challenges of relocation.

I am a registered clinical counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.   With more than 15 years experience, I have provided counselling and community support to individuals and groups in private practice, agencies, hospitals and institutional settings. My work there has involved working with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, sexual abuse, parenting issues, child behavior issues, and relationship struggles. I accompany couples, families, and individual children and adults on their healing journeys.

I have worked with people wanting to gain a better understanding of and move beyond:

  • stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • work issues
  • divorce
  • sexual abuse
  • domestic violence trauma
  • addictions
  • grief and loss
  • developmental disabilities
  • parenting issues
  • relationship problems
  • trauma


  • Baccalaureate (B.A.) in Humanities and Psychoanalytic Thought from the University of Toronto.
  • Diploma in Art Therapy (ABT) from VATI
  • Masters degree (M.A.) in Counselling Psychology from City University.

Conferences & Workshops Recently Attended:

  • Working with Angry and Resistant Youth; Strategies for Fostering Motivation, Self Discipline and Resilience
  • Lifespan Integration Level 1 and 2
  • Psychodrama for strength and resilience
  • Psychodrama working with addictions
  • Therapeutic Conversations Conference
  • Watch, Wait, and Wonder: A Child-Led Intervention for Treating Troubled Parent-Infant Relationships
  • Coping with Transitions; Stress Management in Daily Life
  • Western Canadian Conference on Addictions and Mental Health
  • Contemporary Understandings and Interventions for Divorce Remarriage Transitions
  • Solution-Oriented Approaches to Resolving Depression, Anxiety & Phobias

Contact Shelley by phone: 437-988-2952 or email shelley(at)shelleyguimond.com.